Find a Welcoming Church

There are thousands of churches that love and affirm the lives of LGBTQIA+ people in their fullness. Yet, sometimes it can be hard to find the right place for you. Below you can find our member churches who love and celebrate their queer congregants.

Member Churches

Crossroads Presbyterian Church

Waterford, CT

Crossroads Presbyterian Church is a congregation of hospitable, thoughtful, and committed progressive Christians who share a common life together that enables us to grow in faith and to serve one another and God’s world with compassion and joy.

First Presbyterian Church of Hartford

Hartford, CT

As empowered by the Spirit of the living God, First Presbyterian Church of Hartford seeks to reflect Jesus Christ who calls us to lives of justice and joy, and to embody what the Kin-dom of God might look like.   First Presbyterian Church of Hartford is a More Light congregation and supports the work of Presbyterian Promise, celebrating LBGTQIA+ people in the church and society.

First Presbyterian Church of New Haven

First Presbyterian Church of New Haven is a worshiping community of Christian believers dedicated to following Jesus Christ in a just and compassionate ministry. They warmly welcome the full diversity of God’s family in all races, genders, sexual orientations, ages, nationalities or ethnicities, economic situations, and abilities.

FISH Church – First Presbyterian Church of Stamford

Stamford, CT

First Presbyterian Church of Stamford (Fish Church) is known for the architecture of their sanctuary and worship in “the belly of the fish.”  But they also have a long heritage of commitment to outreach, mission and interfaith cooperation.  Individually and corporately they are involved in a broad range of activities of compassion and social justice, seeking to rebuild creation.

Providence Presbyterian Church

Providence Presbyterian Church believes that the Church is called to reflect the kingdom of God which embraces all believers. They invite, accept and welcome into their membership and leadership who differ by age, race, ethnic background, sexual orientation, family status, economic situation and theological viewpoint. This diverse group energetically and cooperatively participates in the life of this congregation, its mission and leadership.

Westminster Presbyterian Church

Westminster is a vital, engaging, inclusive family of faith that serves God by: supporting each other on our spiritual journeys, sharing the gifts we have been given, and demonstrating the love and justice of Christ in our community and world.

Wilton Presbyterian Church

Wilton Presbyterian Church is a welcoming and inclusive congregation seeking both to know Christ and to make Christ known to people from all walks of life.

If our member churches are not in your neighborhood, we recommend the following resources for finding an open & affirming church near you!

Institute for Welcoming Resources

The Institute for Welcoming Resources is a consortium of denominational representatives of the Welcoming Church Movement. IWR provides many valuable resources, including a Directory of Welcoming Churches, which can help you find a welcoming church all around the world.

Church Clarity

Church Clarity is a crowd-sourced database of local congregations that they score based on how clearly the churches communicate their actively enforced policies. The mission is to increase the standard of clarity throughout the Church Industry. They are not advocating for policy changes; but standardizing church policy disclosure, whatever the policy or type of church in question.

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