Presbyterian Promise is a non-profit committed to proclaiming God’s promise of justice and love in Jesus Christ by organizing churches and individuals in the Presbytery of Southern New England into a community of mutual support for the empowerment of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer people through education, outreach and advocacy.

We believe the time has come to live out God’s call to “love our neighbor as ourselves.” This is a call to an inclusive love that welcomes all people to God’s table. That invitation is central to the Gospel. God calls us to embrace those who have been excluded or marginalized, to welcome them into the fold, and to honor their call and their desire to serve God. Presbyterian Promise is committed to this vision of a just and inclusive church.

We therefore promise to be a resource, a presence, and a witness of inclusion to all LGBTQIA+ people. We further promise to work as agents of reconciliation, inviting all to join in the conversation.

Find a Church

Looking for a new, queer affirming church? Look for one of our partner churches & check out our suggestions for welcoming congregations.

LGBTQIA+ Christian Resources

Are you a parent of a LGBTQ child? A pastor who wants to learn more about caring for LGBTQ congregants? An LGBTQ person looking to explore your sexuality, gender identity or faith more? Check out our recommended resources.

About Us

Learn more about Presbyterian Promise and how to get connected.

Upcoming Events

Check out what’s going on in the world of Presbyterian Pride, including the next Annual Meeting and upcoming Pride events.

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